Big Rex Slot Review

Big Rex Slot Review: RTP 96% (WMS)

Are you looking for the Big Rex slot review? WMS has announced this game as a slot machine that will soon be available in online casinos after first being available to clients of land-based casinos. It’s a dinosaur-themed slot machine, and we are sure it’ll attract a lot of interest from online gamblers.

A Brief of Big Rex Slot Review

When you look at Big Rex, you’ll notice that it has a 5-reel layout with at least 50 active lines. There are reportedly rewards of up to 500x, as well as free spins, scatters, and other cool features.

1. Wagering Options

To place a wager in Big Rex, you must cover all of your bases, or all 50 paylines in this case. If you want, you can place a minimum bet of $0.50, with $0.01 for every active line. You can also bet a lot more, up to $250 per spin, with each line receiving $5.

The game can reportedly pay out up to 500x the line bet, which for a game like this should equate to a cash prize of up to $2,500. It’s not a huge sum, but with a variety of features at your disposal, the RTP rises significantly to around 96%. 

Given how slot machines typically pay, that would be a decent return on your investment, at least in the long run.

2. Slot Features

We would mention the game’s tendency to offer stacked symbols on its reels as one of the game’s most important and enjoyable features. With the 50 active lines on which those symbols can appear, you could end up with multiple wins in a single round.

The Volcano Wilds is the first feature symbol we’d like to talk about, as it’s the one that acts as a substitute and pays out even more frequently. 

Because wilds are so common on the reels, they’ll be included in a lot of active lines. Although a wild symbol will not be used to replace a scatter, it will be entertaining to have it appear on the reels most of the time because it will benefit everyone else.

Heading on to the scatter symbols, these are the symbols that will trigger the free spins. In exchange for 3, 4, or 5 of these scatter symbols, the game can award you with 7, 15, or 40 free spins. For each round of free spins, the slot will use at least two stacked reels. 

This can result in a large number of wins at the same time, possibly on all 50 active lines.

3. Theme and Design

The dinosaurs served as the foundation for Big Rex, with the T-Rex serving as a particular inspiration. It’s not an uncommon theme for a slot machine, and dinosaurs can be found in dozens of different games available online. 

The visuals are a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality. On the one hand, you’ll notice some shoddy poker cards, the kind that appear in every slot machine. On the other hand, there will be beautifully crafted symbols depicting volcanoes, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric images.

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Final Results

In conclusion of Big Rex slot review, the game has a dated feel to it in some ways, perhaps because it is based on a land-based slot machine. The features also appear to be standard for a Mesin Slot Online Gacor Indonesia, as many of them are far more thrilling.

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