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Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Review – Betting Opt and Features

Are you looking for the Dungeon Immortal Evil slot review? If you’re weary of the same old slot machines and want to try something new and interesting, Evoplay offers the perfect game for you. 

Dungeon: Immortal Demonic is a 3D RPG-style slot machine in which the player’s main character travels through the corridors of a castle, battling monsters ranging from imps to evil creatures, and collecting prizes from the goods they drop.

Best Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Review

You won’t find the typical reels and lines in Dungeon: Immortal Evil, and you won’t find the expected features either. You can collect mystery loot, fight bosses, and upgrade your weapons and armor as you progress, exactly like in a video game. 

Finally, the slot’s RTP of 96.20% is rather impressive, and the rewards of up to 5,000 times the stake are also quite impressive. At the same time, volatility is typically medium to high, therefore there will be some risk in this game. Just check our Dungeon Immortal Evil slot review below.

1. Betting Options

You can modify the amount wagered in the upcoming spin in the Bet area, which has a range of $0.10 to $100.

With a jackpot of up to 5,000x, we’d say the game is doing a good job of attracting players, and that might mean up to $500,000 in cash if the highest setting is used.

At the same time, while the benefits appear to be excellent, the risk is higher than normal. The volatility is moderate, but the RTP of 96.20% indicates that players receive a respectable amount of money on average.

2. Game Features

Dungeon: Immortal Evil, as previously said, is a 3D game with an RPG-like mechanism in which you control a barbarian main character as you progress through the halls of a mountain castle. 

As monsters drop Frost Axes (35) and Storm Axes (40 damage) along the route, the character will upgrade from War Axes (30 damage) to Frost Axes (35) and Storm Axes (40 damage). A Solid Helmet (an extra 200 health) and a Wolf Helmet will be added to the Nord Armor (800 health) (another 200 extra health).

To do so, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Double Axes shaped Spin button. The warrior will go to the next room, where he will face one or more opponents. Each adversary he defeats will drop loot, with the range of possible values changing. 

The attack power of the enemy increases as the enemy’s level rises. The hardest enemy can drop stuff worth anything from 20 to 5,000 times its normal value. As you go through the game, you’ll acquire bonus achievements and get entry to the final level, where you’ll encounter the boss (Evil) and compete for the grand prize.

3. Design and Story

The last part of our Dungeon Immortal Evil slot review is about the design and story of this game. The plot appears to revolve around a Nordic warrior, practically a barbarian, who, despite the cold and snow that is continually falling on him, wears little armor. Because they are 3D images, you’ll feel as though you’re in a video game, fighting your way through swarms of creatures and possibly collecting prizes.

There are no standard symbols; only the monsters you’ll encounter along the route, each with a different range of potential loot values. The Skeleton, Inferno, Acolyte, Scary Spider, Succubus, Gargoyle, Mimic, and Evil are at the bottom of the paytable (boss).

Final Conclusion

Dungeon: Immortal Evil isn’t the kind of slot machine you’d expect to find, and there aren’t any actual reels to play on; instead, you’ll be fighting waves of monsters and trying to get loot from them.

We’re not sure if it can be described as a slot machine because it lacks the standard mechanisms seen in these games. Still, it has the expected RTP, it has the potential to pay out a lot of money, and it’s different from the slots you’ve been playing for years, so it was worth checking out for me, and we had a good time with it.

Though the action is engaging, we think a game like this would function better if it catered to casual gamers rather than serious gamers, and if there was more in the form of prizes and special features.

For what it’s worth, it’s entertaining enough, and it has the necessary top jackpots, so we’d recommend it to hardcore gamblers for the novelty factor.  Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. In the end, it is our Dungeon Immortal Evil slot review that you can figure out. 

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