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6 Oldest Vegas Casinos With Highest Chance to Win a Jackpot!

Oldest Vegas Casino – Las Vegas, the dazzling city of lights and dreams, has witnessed an incredible transformation over the years. From its humble beginnings as a dusty railroad town to becoming the world’s premier gambling destination, Las Vegas has never ceased to captivate and enthrall visitors from all corners of the globe. As we explore the fascinating history of this iconic city, one cannot overlook the legendary casinos that have been at the heart of its rise to fame. 

In this article, we embark on a journey through time to uncover the six oldest Vegas casinos that have stood the test of time, defying the odds and preserving the magic of the past.

Oldest Vegas Casino

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1. Golden Gate Hotel & Casino – A Classic Gem Since 1906

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino holds the distinction of being the oldest operating casino in Las Vegas. Established in 1906 as the Hotel Nevada, it later became the Sal Sagev before adopting its current name.

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2. El Cortez Hotel & Casino – A Downtown Icon Since 1941

Nestled in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, the El Cortez Hotel & Casino is a true survivor, having withstood the test of time since its opening in 1941. With its distinct neon signage and vintage Vegas ambiance, El Cortez exudes a sense of nostalgia that transports visitors back to the city’s golden era.

3. Flamingo Las Vegas – A Touch of Hollywood Glamour Since 1946

The Flamingo Las Vegas holds a special place in the history of Las Vegas, being the city’s first luxury resort and the brainchild of mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Opening its doors in 1946, the Flamingo introduced a new level of sophistication and glamor to the Las Vegas Strip.

4. Sahara Las Vegas – A Desert Oasis Since 1952

Originally known as the Sahara Hotel and Casino, this iconic establishment opened in 1952 and quickly became a hotspot for celebrities and high rollers. With its Moroccan-themed architecture and luxurious amenities, the Sahara exuded an air of exoticism and opulence.

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5. Tropicana Las Vegas – A Slice of Tropical Paradise Since 1957

Transport yourself to a tropical oasis at the Tropicana Las Vegas, one of the oldest and most storied casinos on the Strip. Opening its doors in 1957, the Tropicana brought a touch of island paradise to the desert landscape.

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6. Four Queens Hotel and Casino – A Downtown Gem Since 1966

Situated on Fremont Street, the Four Queens Hotel and Casino has been a staple of downtown Las Vegas since its opening in 1966. This classic casino captures the essence of vintage Vegas with its neon-lit façade and nostalgic atmosphere.


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As Las Vegas continues to evolve and reinvent itself, these six oldest casinos stand as cherished relics of the city’s remarkable history. From the timeless charm of the Golden Gate to the Hollywood allure of the Flamingo, each casino carries a unique story that adds to the allure and mystique of vintage Las Vegas. 

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