Slot Terms with Meaning

10 Slot Terms with Meaning in Simply Wild Game

We can understand that you really need to figure out the slot terms with meaning. The standard layout of a slot machine is a screen with three or more reels that “spin” when the game is activated. 

To trigger play, some modern slot machines still have a lever as a skeuomorphic design trait. However, random number generators have surpassed the mechanics of early machines, and most are now controlled by buttons and touchscreens. However, now we can discuss the terms in slot machines. 

Lists of Slot Terms with Meaning in Simply Wild

One or more currency detectors are included in slot machines to verify the type of payment, whether it’s a coin, voucher, cash, or token. When the reels stop “spinning,” the machine pays out according to the pattern of symbols displayed. Now, let’s take a look at the terms in slots. 

1. Novomatic as Developer

First of all about slot terms with meaning, the developer of the Simply Wild Slot. One of the best known developers is Novomatic. This developer was founded in 2014 in Eindhoven. The games that are marketed are therefore produced in the Netherlands. 

This is quite unique in the current gambling sector, as online gambling is not yet allowed in the Netherlands. With a second location in Malta, the company also has the right papers and licenses to develop the games.

Because almost all Novomatic games are based on HTML5 , they can be played on all platforms. This also allows the use of advanced graphical effects. This makes the game experience smooth and interactive, but detailed characters or effects can also be used.

In addition, it is not necessary for players to download an application. If you want to play a demo version, you can do this simply by visiting the slot machine via the web page. In this case, too, no registration is required.

2. Slot Theme

The theme of the slot is based on the use of fruits . It is also possible to play on two different slots in the same game. The more pieces of the same fruit are collected, the higher the profit will ultimately be. 

For example, as you can see, collecting the melons will give you back 80 points, while collecting oranges will only give you back 40 points. If you collect the stars, you get 200 points back.

3. Game Bonus

The bonus game consists of the so-called ‘ top game ‘. When playing the normal game you can collect bonuses that you use to play the top game. You can choose to have the money paid out or to save for the top game. The latter functionality is often chosen, since you can win more money with the top game.

In addition of slot terms with meaning, there is also the ‘Gamble’ functionality. With this you can take a gamble on the slot machine. This is done by means of heads or tails. When you have won a sum of money, you can choose to activate this functionality. 

You can bet on heads or tails. If you predict correctly, your winnings will double. If you lose, you will unfortunately also lose your winnings.

4. Twin-Player

With the twin-player mode you have the chance to play twice on the same device. As mentioned, this is a ‘Twin’ slot machine. This will provide exactly the same results as the slot machine you are already playing on. This allows you to double your winnings when you actually win.

You can use this mode, but it ensures that you also bet twice the amount of money. This can cause expenses to add up quickly. We would therefore only advise you to use this mode when you have a high budget at your disposal.

5. Paylines

As you can see, there are four reels on each side that you can play. You have 10 different paylines on each side. You can choose to play on three or four reels. Depending on the number of reels, you also have to bet. You can use it in different ways.

If you play with three reels, you play with 5 paylines per side. You can play with a maximum of 10 paylines per side, but then you play on four reels. If you play with 10 paylines, you use the lines below. As mentioned, you can do this for both one and both sides.

As it can be seen above, you can play on two different sides. You also have the option to play the so-called ‘Twin Game’. Both sides become the same, so that your winnings are doubled, as it were. 

However, if you turn this feature off, the reels will spin separately. This allows you to win bandar slot terpercaya a prize on one side, while you do not win a prize on the other side.

6. Jackpot

As can be seen in the overview above, the Simply Wild slot machine is missing a jackpot. This can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is advantageous for people who play with small amounts. When a jackpot is used in a slot machine, the volatility is often a lot higher. As a result, a prize is paid less often.

On the other hand, it is of course disadvantageous for players with a higher budget. The jackpot gives you as a gambler the chance to leave the online casino with a huge cash prize. Because the jackpot is missing, the slot machine is less suitable for gamblers with a large budget. If you want to get jackpot, you can play in Slot777.

7. Symbol Scatter

Scatter symbols are certain symbols in the game that give you the opportunity to earn extras. However, these symbols should not be confused with the ‘Wild symbols’ that we will discuss below. Scatter symbols often come with a nice extra, such as a multiplier or free extra spins.

As a gambler, it gives you the opportunity to collect nice extras. The scatter symbols often do not guarantee actual prize money. They are nice extras that ensure that you can win money in a different way. So it’s more of a means of getting prizes, not an actual prize.

8. Symbol Wild

This is one of the main reasons the game is so popular, but we’ll get to that later. First of all, we are going to explain what these symbols do. In short, it is possible that the Wild symbols can replace certain symbols on the reel. 

However, this is only possible when you play on 3 or 4 reels when betting 5 or 20. So if you bet 1, then you do not have the option to use the Wild symbols.

If you decide to bet lower per spin, the Wild symbols will be deactivated. There is of course nothing wrong with this, but you have to take into account that your winnings can also be lower as a result. The Wild symbols serve as ‘joker’. Deactivating these symbols results in a lower chance of winning.

9. Volatility

The Simply Wild slots generally have low volatility. This means that the chance that you will win something is greater. However, when you win, you win smaller amounts. 

This is a big advantage if your budget is a bit lower, as it allows you to play a little longer. The chance that you will win a prize is very present, so that you build up a lot of budget to continue playing with. We will come back to this later.

10. Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP of the Simply Wilde machine from Novomatic is 98%. This is a percentage based on playing the game over the long term. This means that as a player you get 98% of the bet back. For example, if you bet €100, you will have an average of €98 in the long term.

Then why would you play on a slot machine if you lose anyway? That’s because this is in the long run after playing the game for a long time. The profits come from playing in the short term and stopping at the right time. By doing this you can also make a profit playing Simply Wild slots.

After reading our slot terms with meaning in Simply Wild, what are you thinking? Will you play that game? Tell us about it! 

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